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Go and See

You’ve seen street artists draw caricatures.  They exaggerate someone’s characteristics for humorous effect.  The characteristic is true, but the exaggeration creates a false impression, or


The Value of Work Order Systems

Hello, friends – as we share another of our blogs with you, we’re very aware of your world changing in the face of the COVID-19

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Case Studies

QMS Consulting

INTRODUCTION The Phoenix Group was contacted by a major midwestern automotive supplier to assist with IATF16949 compliance issues at two facilities. Challenges Client’s IATF Certification

Phoenix Group
Case Studies

Metal suppliers

The Phoenix Group integrates with various metal suppliers in their customer plans to drive cost savings, provide outstanding customer service, and solve issues as they arise in real-time.

Ford Motor company
Case Studies

Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company Leverages the Experience of The Phoenix Group to Drive a 75% Reduction in Die Draw Downtime Per Month

Bill Shinskey

Blending Organizational Structures For Results

The difference between problem solving and process execution is significant, each benefiting from a specific approach to organizing the workforce.  Here Bill Shinskey explores the notion