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Worldauto Steel

Global Steel Consortium Partners With Phoenix For Technical Engineering Expertise


WorldAutoSteel, the automotive group of the World Steel Association, is comprised of 21 major global steel producers supplying the automotive industry from around the world. Their mission is to advance and communicate steel’s unique ability to meet the automotive industry’s needs and challenges in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way. WorldAutoSteel aims to provide highly visible representation for steel companies throughout the world.


WorldAutoSteel’s member companies are some of the most prestigious companies in the global steel industry, represented by the world’s most prominent thought leaders on the subject. The Consortium is led by a lean and flexible Program Office. Beyond capitalizing on the office and immense acumen of the individual members, WorldAutoSteel calls upon external contractors to perform management and engineering activities. Hence, they are continuously looking to attract and engage with technical engineering experts to help drive their cause forward.

One of the expertise fields that WorldAutoSteel contracts for is the build up of their automotive application expertise and project management skills. They turned to the technical engineering experts at The Phoenix Group to strengthen those focus areas. 

The Phoenix Difference

The Phoenix Group got to work immediately, focusing on providing the technical expertise that WorldAutoSteel needed, and ensuring seamless integration into the tight knit WorldAutoSteel team. Since beginning the partnership, Phoenix has been guiding and directing the many technical aspects of WorldAutoSteel’s work, while also assisting in the development of communication strategies that inform automotive industry stakeholders of the key attributes of high strength steels.

Experts at The Phoenix Group not only offered exceptionally high competence in steel-based automotive applications and technologies, but also worked with WorldAutoSteel to enhance internal team interaction and operations.

“Phoenix provides expert input, as well as team management skills that have helped our team operate more effectively.”- Edward Opbroek, former Director, current Advisor, WorldAutoSteel


Still involved in the active and fruitful partnership, Phoenix works within WorldAutoSteel’s budget and goes above and beyond what is expected to further their cause and ensure the long-term success of the organization. For example, Phoenix technical directors coordinate external and internal resources to execute projects on time and on budget. These projects include automotive structures and systems benchmarking and the development of unique steel technologies that enable safety and environmental regulations to be achieved in an affordable way. Phoenix’s commitment to innovation has contributed to WorldAutoSteel staying on the cutting edge of automotive steel applications, and helps make certain WorldAutoSteel maintains its high visibility in the automotive industry.

Here are just some of the results that Phoenix has delivered:

  • Quality project management that is thorough, strategic, and meets Program Office and member expectations.
  • Personable, yet team-enhancing interaction with the WorldAutoSteel team.
  • Implementation of team management skills that have enhanced team operations.

“They are invaluable to the work that we are doing. We could not accomplish what we have without them.”- Kathleen Hickey, Communications Manager, WorldAutoSteel

The Phoenix Group was able to quickly establish a true partnership with the WorldAutoSteel team. Our values-driven approach and true technical expertise allowed Phoenix to seamlessly integrate with WorldAutoSteel, ultimately helping them to best service their 21 member companies.

To learn how The Phoenix Group can provide similar value for your organization, please request a consultation with one of our experts.

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