Why Outsourcing A Quality Engineer May Be The Best Thing Your Company Can Do

Hiring is difficult. Hiring for highly skilled technical positions like quality engineers is even more challenging. Unless you have a great network of qualified individuals, you’ll likely spend hours posting on job boards and combing through countless unqualified applicants in the search for the right person. In short, it’s a very inefficient and frustrating process. Luckily, there’s a solution – outsource it. It’s not as common as outsourcing low wage jobs, but technical positions like tool and die makers, quality engineers, and quality managers can all be outsourced, and the benefits are enormous.

Having a hard time filling a skilled position to budget constraints? It happens all the time. You get a great candidate to the final stages of interviews, and they’re perfect. They understand how to implement effective processes, they have years of experience working with suppliers, and are compliance experts. The only drawback? There’s a big gap in wage expectations that you won’t be able to reconcile. Back to the drawing board. Or you reach an agreement, but your development and integration costs are at risk because the new employee is a flight risk, still seeking that higher earnings opportunity.

An outsourced solution with often be far more cost effective with added flexibility, compared to hiring in-house. The service provider solves the wage issue up-front, and there’s no chance of getting hung up at the 11th hour with avoidable problems had expectations been clearly communicated from the beginning. The external resource often comes with the skills required to perform the necessary role immediately, or in unique situations, the service provider has training and development responsibility to ensure technical performance and compliance to your needs.  Assignment commitment? Hire them for only as long as you need instead of paying a yearly salary; as an example, why make a long-term investment commitment for someone just to get you through a one-time compliance requirement like the current IATF 16949 quality standard transition for the automotive supply chain. However, many organizations are finding that outsourcing of technical positions can be a very effective permanent strategy – defined by lower overall cost and better performance.

Consider leveraging the expertise of a firm specializing in technical consulting and outsourcing solutions,because it takes a special organization that understands technical roles, and how to integrate technical “contractors” into an organization to drive competency and results. The right partner can match your exact needs with one of their experts, identify the best solutions, and help you implement an outsourcing strategy that greatly reduces the inherent risk in hiring a new employee that may deliver, or miss.

Partnering with a technical consulting and outsourcing organization will free yourself and your hiring team from the pain of the hiring process, even more complex for highly technical positions. No more wading through applications, chasing candidates or experiencing mis-hires. This gives your team more bandwidth to fill other, less technical positions while giving you the opportunity to ensure that the rest of your organization is running smoothly and effectively.

To sum it up, outsourcing technical functions rather than hiring in-house may be the best thing you’ll ever do for your organization. Find a partner with a deeper understanding of the technical requirements of the positions compared to a traditional staffing agency or recruiter, who may have hundreds of positions to fill across dozens of industries. You’ll save budget, get more for your money, ensure that you’re getting the best people for the job, and skip the pain trying to find someone yourself. The cost of hiring a new employee isn’t something to take lightly. It’s obvious that technical outsourcing is the solution for most companies. What are you waiting for?

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