Optimizing Your Processes: How Consulting Services Create Lasting Change

The goal of engaging with a process optimization consulting service is to drive lasting change. This won’t happen if the measures implemented by the organization are inadequate. Temporary improvement will not drive the long-term change needed to create tangible results for companies’ bottom line.

There are many reasons a process improvement organization may only focus on short-term results. For one, it’s easy. Short-term boosts in efficiency, employee morale, and revenue are not difficult to achieve when you begin an engagement. We also find that short-term results are satisfactory to people looking for a “quick win”. While short-term results are easy and are often praised, they often don’t get to the root issues. It takes significantly more detailed analysis, human investment, and expertise to generate lasting change. The up-front costs are justified in the long term as lasting change generates long-term improvements in employee morale, organizational systems, and revenue. There are three ways The Phoenix Group works to create lasting change at organizations we partner with:

  1. Team ExercisesOrganizational change begins with your team. Employees often feel that they can’t speak freely at work. Engaging solely with leadership and excluding the rest of the team can lead to instances in which individual opinions aren’t heard. This causes misalignment of goals, motivation problems, and inefficiency.The Phoenix Group leverages team exercises during its engagements to ensure that all stakeholders are involved in the process. In the following excerpt from a case study on our engagement with the 418th Civil Affairs Battalion we executed an experiential exercise we called “The Game”:“….The Phoenix Group facilitated a group exercise that was referred to as ‘The Game’, a two-hour experiential exercise involving all unit leadership. ‘The Game’ was a chance for leadership to exhibit behaviors that were hampering the mission of the 418th Civil Affairs Battalion free from other noise that would water down the learning opportunity. Some team members were selected to perform an observer role in support of the debrief to follow. This was a specific learning opportunity for ‘high potential’ individuals as identified by The Phoenix Group experts and senior Battalion leadership…The impact was measurable and lasting, becoming a reference point for the Battalion months after the engagement with The Phoenix Group had concluded.”Conducting exercises like “The Game” is an essential part of breaking down existing processes and setting the stage for a productive engagement with an organization working to generate long-term improvement.
  2. Use the Technique that WorksNo two organizations are created equal. Differences in people, systems, location, language, culture, and more make organizations as unique as the people they employ. There is no single cookie cutter solution that organizations can use for every engagement. In manufacturing, this could be lean or six sigma or another approach. For General Motors, we identified key issues in their manufacturing that was contributing to high costs and unnecessary waste. Breaking down existing systems and figuring out the right tool for the job is the key to driving lasting change.
  3. Leadership DevelopmentAn organization without strong leaders won’t see lasting change in its processes. We’ll often find organizations we partner with will see immediate improvements as new “leaders” temporarily step into the organization. The challenge of developing self-sustaining leaders that can independently drive change in their organization is difficult, time consuming, and worth it.“Leaders must dedicate themselves to improving people, machines and processes. Support isn’t enough; action is required.  Leaders work daily to sustain order and deliver long term value.”Kirk Wiley, Chief Operating Officer, The Phoenix GroupThe Phoenix Group helps amplify existing leadership through exercipses, 1:1 meetings, group meetings, and consulting. Leadership is then able to execute their vision for the company in a way that drives lasting change throughout the organization.

The Phoenix Group is highly successful with its consulting services through team exercises, leveraging the technique that fits, and long-term leadership development. These three factors combine to drive lasting change for our partners. Lasting change increases company revenue, decreases inefficiencies, and allows leadership to execute on its vision.


Want to learn how you can leverage process control to drive organizational change at your organization? Click the link below for the free guide.

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