Can You Benefit from Continuous Improvement?

Whether focused on cost reduction, throughput improvements, or operational effectiveness, we partner with leadership to identify specific deliverable targets, provide leverageable tools, and work with local teams, process SMEs, and leaders on all shifts to create success.


Continuous improvement is the method of improving manufacturing through incremental changes in an ongoing process. The Phoenix Group works with internal teams to encourage ground-up identification of operational inefficiencies in those processes and areas for incremental improvement. Our hands-on approach ensures that every team is heard from and concerns are addressed, creating a smooth communication bridge between our team, management, and your employees.

The Phoenix Group focuses on the following methodologies:

  • Process Control - Increase predictable output by engaging your team in process adjustment site control and input monitoring, incorporating technical and process based solutions.
  • Engineering Improvement - Leverage our team of experts to identify and implement process and engineered solutions that will increase your operational efficiency.
  • Lean ManagementEngage your team to identify and eliminate waste in their work area. Our focus on your team members is layered with leadership development for supervisors and managers to allow your continued success after our departure.
  • Employee Engagement & Team ProductivityEngaging your teams and leaders outside of the rules of Lean Manufacturing. Get the benefit of employee engagement without being limited to one continuous improvement methodology. 

By implementing a Continuous Improvement Program, companies experience:

  • Fewer workplace injuries
  • Long-term, process-focused changes
  • High productivity for teams
  • On-time product schedules and deliveries
  • More satisfied and mission-driven employees that contribute to company-wide solutions and goals

About The Phoenix Group

The Phoenix Group has partnered with some of the largest names in manufacturing such as General Motors and Whirlpool to deliver continuous improvement consulting and other process consulting services. Learn how General Motors partnered with The Phoenix Group to drive 50% reduction in scrap and 35% throughput improvement - Read General Motors Case Study. 

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