Outsourcing Solutions

Technical Outsourcing Solutions That Improve Quality & Reduce Costs

Our team members integrate seamlessly, shoulder to shoulder with your workforce, to provide technical services and support as a part of your business strategy.

The Phoenix Group Technical Outsourcing allows the freedom to put the right people in the right place at the right time. It enables efficient cost and resource management, while also ensuring industry-leading quality control. Partnering with The Phoenix Group provides you access to expert resources.


Our Technical Outsourcing solutions include:

Untitled design (21)Laboratory Operations

As your strategic partner, our laboratory operations service delivers everything needed to allow you to confidently focus on other business priorities. Our laboratory testing services include the implementation and maintenance of safety and quality programs, resource management, integrity checks and continual improvement initiatives.

Untitled design (15)Technical Customer Service

The Phoenix Group team members complement your customer service programs, helping you avoid costly product returns and improve customer satisfaction. 

Untitled design (16)Quality System Coordination

Our team members become your subject matter experts to document, maintain and improve your quality system performance. We also assist with and conduct internal audits and third-party certification and surveillance audits.

Untitled design (17)Formability Systems Services

Our skilled team of formability analysts solve your complex forming problems. 

Untitled design (18)Logistics Coordination

Our logistics coordination professionals work with your leadership to set up and maintain an efficient and productive material flow and distribution system.

Untitled design (19)Product Launch Support

Our process engineers integrate into your operation to help you hit your launch schedule. 

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