Executing business strategy is a daily activity, requiring disciplined responsiveness, strategic direction, and timely inspiration. Often, performance hinges on the teams that execute processes. A robust team environment would ensure that teams are developed at all levels of the organization including the production, services, and support functions with roles for each team that are clearly defined, measured, and audited.


Setting up and implementing processes that result in smoother operations and cost reductions is an impactful service that The Phoenix Group offers its customers; however, we are simultaneously helping many organizations develop programs to help sustain these processes. The Phoenix Group offers Team and Leadership development programs that are designed to support teams’ and leaders’ ability to adapt to change and produce consistent, optimized results. Regardless of whether a group is going through some kind of change, team & leadership development consulting helps to build camaraderie amongst workers and leaders, and furthers knowledge, skill and overall development of the employee.


Team members and leaders come and go. This can have negative effects on the processes, workflows, routines and results that were implemented and realized by a previous team or leader. In order to combat any negative alterations to a process, lessons, trainings and best practices must be continued and upheld through any changes in team or leadership.


The Phoenix Group has experienced consulting professionals not only for process development, but in leadership and team development as well. We build programs that create self-sustaining leaders and teams capable of ongoing management of change and for driving continuous performance improvement. These individual leaders will be developed as a result of the methods and processes used to effectively implement both improvement initiatives (Run-To- Run, Formability, etc.) and foundation systems (Action Management and Team Environment) that comprise the Phoenix Roadmap.

Benefits of Team Installation & Leadership Development

  • Process becomes permanent, regardless of team or leadership change
  • Current team members and leaders continue to learn and improve upon the skills required in their roles
  • Develop clearer sense of roles and responsibilities for a given team and build up camaraderie amongst groups


About The Phoenix Group

The Phoenix Group has partnered with leading organizations to provide leadership development and other process consulting services. Learn how the 418th Civil Affairs Battalion engaged with The Phoenix Group to drive lasting impact within their organization - Read 418th Civil Affairs Battalion Case Study Here. 

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