Project execution and on-time delivery can be very challenging when the company lacks the availability of qualified resources, or specific expertise in project management. Phoenix Group consultants routinely support our customer’s leadership, advising on an endeavors that range from training development and delivery, to implementing internal processes, or navigating industry-wide regulations.


Our team has the expertise to manage complex and technical projects characterized by resource, equipment and process coordination. Deliverables are defined within the project scope of work, achieved by establishing gates and milestones that enable efficient project tracking, and ensure barriers are quickly identified and mitigated.


In recent years, The Phoenix Group has managed projects for companies like WorldAutoSteel, General Motors, The 418th Civil Affairs Battalion, all of which required different skill sets and industry knowledge, but still served the same goal of streamlining process and driving revenue.

Why Invest in Project Management?

Project management consulting saves organizations time and money while injecting third-party expertise that has been employed across a variety of industries. Our project management consultants can manage small scope projects where resources are limited, to large scale (complex) projects where external expertise provides excellent return on investment.


The Phoenix Group ensures that every client maximizes its return on investment and minimizes the risk it takes to get the project done. We are committed to the partnerships we develop with our clients, and our project managers will stay with your team until the job is done at the highest quality possible.


About The Phoenix Group

The Phoenix Group has partnered with some of the largest names in the industry such as WorldAutoSteel and Ford to deliver project management consulting and other process consulting services. Learn how WorldAutoSteel, a global steel consortium, partnered with The Phoenix Group for technical engineering expertise - Read WorldAutoSteel Case Study Here.

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