Process Consulting Services

Process Consulting Solutions for Demanding Organizations

With nearly 30 years of serving global corporations, The Phoenix Group’s professionals draw from our broad experience to make informed recommendations, and then uniquely apply our proven tools and processes to help make lasting change.

We work closely with you, providing the systems expertise to solve your process issues, cut costs, improve efficiency and mitigate risk. We generously share our knowledge and learnings so that you benefit from The Phoenix Group’s experience, and we follow up to ensure that the outcomes of our work last.

At The Phoenix Group, we work as a team—when you partner with us, you partner with all the expertise we have in house. Our Process Consulting services include:

  • Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement – The Phoenix Group can help you transform your entire organization into a culture that works together to achieve continuous improvement in your operations, customer satisfaction, and long-term sustainable growth. We partner with your leadership to determine the best strategy to focus on cost reduction, throughput improvements, operational effectiveness, quality improvements and team building. The goal is a world-class supplier-to-customer value stream.  By implementing our systematic approach to Operational Excellence, companies experience higher profit margins, increased productivity and product quality.
  • Lean Transformation – The Phoenix Group works with customer teams, using data to identify process inefficiencies and jointly implement solutions. We provide a Lean Assessment of our client's supplier-to-customer value stream. Along with your leadership team we’ll develop a Lean transformation strategy as a roadmap for building team capabilities and implementing continuous improvements in the whole organization. Our holistic approach increases product quality, productivity, and on-time delivery, from supplier through manufacturing to the customer.
  • Kaizen Events and Continuous Improvement Workshops – From the Lean Assessment process, we schedule kaizens events to jointly solve the identified problems and priorities to achieve lasting improvements. The Train-Do approach we employ develops skills and boosts employee morale.
  • Factory Layout and Lean Flow – With facility planning knowledge that spans two decades, The Phoenix Group helps you smooth out your plant wrinkles so that your product flows efficiently. Our tools and methodologies will ensure minimal inventory, optimal throughput flexibility, and disruption-free material flow.  We work with you and your facilities engineering, implementing Lean services that eliminate costly capital investment without sacrificing results.  You’ll benefit from processes that have been uniquely tailored to your organization, reducing waste and mistakes and fostering communication among teams.  Components of our Lean Layout and Lean Flow include:
    • The Eight Wastes and Five S
    • Operational Analysis
    • Inventory Management and Optimization
    • Pull System
    • Kanban System
    • Synchronous Flow
    • Container, Packaging and Shipping Optimization
  • Six Sigma – Sometimes the best companies experience a production crisis, such as severe quality issues, lack of capacity, new product launch delays or product backlogs. The Phoenix Group team, led by a Lean Sensei, includes Master Black Belts and Black Belts who will work alongside your team to jointly resolve critical issues.  Our Six Sigma problem-solving process will help you quickly determine the root cause, while developing both short-term and long-term solutions.  Six Sigma practices and tools include:
    • Built in Quality: Jidoka, Autonomation, Andon
    • Error Proofing (Poka-yoke)
    • First Time Quality (FTQ)
    • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
    • Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility (Gage R&R)
  • Team & Leadership Development – The Phoenix Group coaches your staff to improve their effectiveness and sustain a self-directed team culture. Our Team and Leadership development strategies help establish solid processes and foster employee morale and skill development. Your teams will develop a clearer sense of their own roles and responsibilities and how their contribution fits into the whole operation.  Ultimately, you can have a more satisfied, mission-driven workforce that care about your company’s goals and health.
  • Quality & Environmental Management Systems – The Phoenix Group helps companies develop, implement, and improve ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 management systems. The end result is reliable, consistent performance and satisfied customers.  Our consulting can include:
    • Gap Analysis
    • Quality System Overview Training
    • Quality Core Tools Training
    • Internal Auditor Training
    • Project Management of Quality System Programs
    • Internal Auditing
    • Supplier Quality Audits
    • Process FMEA and Control Plan Development
  • Project Management – The Phoenix Group team has the expertise to manage complex and technical projects that require resource, equipment and process coordination. Deliverables are defined within the project scope of work and achieved by establishing agreed upon gates and milestones. These enable efficient project tracking and ensure barriers are quickly identified and mitigated.
  • Formability Systems – Formability is a core competency at The Phoenix Group. Our comprehensive solutions cover the gamut of the Tool and Die Maintenance Operating System, from the Formability Lab to the Press lines and Die Shop. Our team helps develop and implement systems that fix dies, launch new products and optimize material usage. Formability systems consulting leads to continuous improvement and long-term benefits in cost efficiency and waste reduction. The Phoenix Group services include:
    • Sheet Metal Forming Analysis
    • New Product Launch Support
    • Productivity Improvement
    • Scrap Reduction Analysis
    • Material or Manpower Utilization Optimization
  • Die Maintenance Skills and Practices – The Phoenix Group tool and die trainers stand shoulder to shoulder with your team, guiding the execution of well-developed methods and processes. Not only do our experienced engineers guide trainees, but they also offer expert die modification recommendations. We make sure your team is well-equipped to continue successfully, long after training. Our die maker training encompasses a variety of skills, including:
    • Punch Finishing
    • Binder Spotting, Clearances, Setting Gaps
    • Interpreting Breakdown Panels
    • Bead and Channel Maintenance/Repair
    • Trim and Flange Steel - Nesting, Clearances, Maintenance and Repair
    • Punch/Button Maintenance
  • Advanced Materials Joining – The Phoenix Group partners with manufacturers globally to ensure that joining processes in material production and customer assembly operations are optimized for efficiency and quality. Our industry-leading training programs will support your engineers in reducing downtime costs and improving product quality, and notably improving their skills and knowledge. Ultimately, you’ll enjoy more efficient processes, reduced costs and higher quality. Our Advanced Materials Joining Services include:
    • Comprehensive process assessment, to determine what is working and what can be improved to optimize the joining process and reduce downtime costs.
    • Benchmarking and the use of best practices to optimize joining processes involving advanced and dissimilar materials.
    • Weld parameter review and optimization.
    • Training programs tailored to specific needs.

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