Why Invest in Logistics Services?

Logistics management is crucial to meeting customer demand while optimizing inventory spend. Proper planning and management over this area of your business is imperative to drive revenue and profitability.

Our team helps organizations ensure minimal inventory, optimal throughput flexibility, and disruption-free flow of material that drive improved capacity and the elimination of costly capital investment without sacrificing results.

With knowledge of facility plans spanning two decades, the team of experts at The Phoenix Group are also able to achieve efficient material flow systems in brownfield sites that may have been considered chaotic or unorganized. This achievement within your organization can result in the creation of plant capacity that was previously overlooked, eliminating costly capital investment while achieving the same outcome.

Our team has successfully lead organizations, such as Fiat Chrysler by providing logistics consulting to improve customer service operations and develop cost-effective solutions for supply chain.

Components of Logistics Consulting

  • Facility Layout
  • Basic Housekeeping and 5 S’s
  • Inventory Control System
  • Material Flow System
  • Scheduling System
  • Planning, Tracking, and Data Analysis
  • Optimizing Containers and Packaging

Benefits of Logistics Consulting

  • Tailored processes to fit your organization
  • Reduced waste and mistakes
  • Ensured competency
  • Effective for bridging communication gaps between teams
  • Rack storage and design for low-cost transportation

About The Phoenix Group

The Phoenix Group has partnered with some of the largest names in manufacturing such as General Motors and Ford to deliver logistics consulting and other process consulting services.

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