Operational Excellence for Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries

We understand that a critical phase in the life cycle of pharmaceutical and medical device companies is the speed of getting life-saving products to the market. Phoenix uses operational excellence methodologies and tools to eliminate waste and reduce long lead time activity occurring during clinical trials. We bring together cross-functional teams from healthcare providers, universities, and pharmaceutical companies to evaluate and analyze the entire transactional value stream of the clinical trials. Our approach yields larger time savings with fewer delays due to unknown events or added requirements.

Operational Excellence is essential to the world-class manufacturing of pharmaceutical and medical device products. Our consultants work side by side with the leadership team to drive operational excellence and develop systems and processes that improve key performance indicators, such as uptime and overall equipment effectiveness. Phoenix builds capability at our clients to achieve high performance to be a global leader.


Operational Excellence Services include:

  • Transactional Lean Methodology
  • Program Management
  • Pre-Assessment for Software Upgrades
  • Lean and Software Improvements
  • Bottleneck and Throughput Analysis

Quality Excellence Services include:

  • Root-Cause Analysis/Solutions
  • Error Proofing (Poke Yoke)
  • Variability Reduction
  • Quality System Training