Optimize the metal stamping process with formability systems consulting from The Phoenix Group

Formability systems improvement is the analysis and optimization of formability processes in manufacturing, such as tool and die, sheet metal forming, and metal stamping. As an ongoing process, it can lead to significant improvements in cost efficiency and loss reduction. Formability processes should be optimized to drive improvements in process robustness and part quality; in doing so, losses from scrap, downtime and line transition are minimized. 

Formability Systems Consulting from The Phoenix Group Includes

  • Tool and Die consulting services
  • Support new product launch
  • Scrap reduction analysis
  • Metal stamping optimization
  • Sheet metal forming analysis
  • Material utilization optimization

The Benefits of Formability Systems Consulting

Continuous optimization from formability systems consulting leads to long-term benefits in cost efficiency and waste reduction as you drive improvement in your team, your processes, and your facility.


About The Phoenix Group

Over the last 30 years, the Phoenix Group has partnered with some of the largest names in manufacturing such as General Motors and Ford to deliver formability systems consulting and other process consulting services. Learn how General Motors partnered with The Phoenix Group to drive 50% reduction in scrap and 35% throughput improvement - Read General Motors Case Study. 

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