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Our tool and die trainers are on the job, standing shoulder to shoulder with your team, guiding the execution of well-developed methods and processes. Not only do our experienced engineers guide trainees, but they also offer expert die modification recommendations.

The Importance of Tool and Die Training

Hands-on tool and die training is becoming more rare everyday in the American workforce. Additionally, Tool and Die Staffing reductions, employees are required to be capable of performing more tasks than ever before. Working with The Phoenix Group gives your company an in-house trainer that can pass on these valuable skills.

Our trainers implement lasting change in your company’s processes. While outsourcing die repair can solve a temporary problem of lack of skilled tradespeople, training your employees creates a long-lasting culture of highly-skilled employees that can teach newcomers.

Some of the skills that The Phoenix Group trains die makers include:

  • Punch finishing
  • Preparing for die surface treatment
  • Binder spotting, clearances, setting gaps
  • Interpreting breakdown panels
  • Bead and channel maintenance/repair
  • Reading panels
  • Trim steel repair techniques, scrap cutter maintenance, nesting, clearances, scrap chutes, pad bearing
  • Punch/button maintenance
  • Flange steel set up


"Tool and die makers must possess a broad array of mechanical, mathematical, analytical, and engineering knowledge. They must have an understanding of the production process, and be adept at using computers and electronic tools. Tool, die, and mold makers must utilize well developed problem-solving skills, good judgement in decision-making, and work well within a team manufacturing environment. " -Center for Automotive Research, April 2017 


About The Phoenix Group

The Phoenix Group has partnered with some of the largest names in manufacturing to deliver die skills training and other process consulting services. For example, The Ford Motor Company leveraged the experience of The Phoenix Group to drive a 75% reduction in die draw downtime per month - Read Ford Case Study Here

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