Case Study


The Phoenix Group integrates with various metal suppliers in their customer plans to drive cost savings, provide outstanding customer service, and solve issues as they arise in real-time.


Metal suppliers have constant problems with rejected coils and lifts of steel/aluminum. This results in overspending and project deadlines being missed. Furthermore, it is impractical for a metal supplier to have an operation in every location they serve, so they are unable to achieve excellent customer satisfaction levels. This is because of significant employment and labor requirements in each specific area where their operations are located. Moreover, they still have customers in each of those locations that require service and support. This creates a notable gap.


The Phoenix Group team is able to meet the gap that almost all metal suppliers face by performing the customer service role for them. Not to mention, Phoenix is able to do this at lower costs than an internal solution.

Not only does the Phoenix team provide excellent customer support and service for metal suppliers, they also help drive cost savings by avoiding rejected coils and other issues with the steel/aluminum.

Currently, The Phoenix Group has 5 full-time employees supporting a industry-leading metal supplier. Two of them support Mexican automotive manufacturers, another serves a Mexican can manufacturer, another is a lab technician in a metal testing laboratory, and lastly, one acts as a formability specialist in stamping operations.


Each TCS representative can save 1 coil per month from being rejected which represents 50,000lbs of metal or greater. At an average cost of $1/lb for steel, that is $50,000/month which equates to $600,000 per year of cost savings. Each Phoenix TCS rep is capable of saving over half a million dollars annually for major metal suppliers.

Case Study Details




  • Cut costs for various metal suppliers
  • Avoidance of rejected steel coils and lifts of steel
  • Developed positive customer relationships
  • Responded to issues and concerns in real-time
  • $600k/year of potential cost savings