Case Study


Our team of professionals will assess your current organization’s staffing and effectiveness, make recommendations for improvement, and design a plan to make transitioning over to an outsourced model easy and with minimum disruptions.


A major metal supplier/manufacturer was not seeing the return on investment they anticipated in their lab operations.

Too much of their time and resources were being poured into their lab operations, and because of this, they were not able to grow in other areas of their business.

Between the absence of ROI and the amount of time and resources being put into their labs, they knew they needed to make a change and find a solution. This is when they turned to Phoenix. It turned out to be one of their best business decisions to date.


5 distinct ways that Phoenix made a difference.

1. Made it simple

Phoenix professionals assessed the situation, made recommendation's, and designed a plan to integrate our solution seamlessly.

2. Cost effectiveness

Our ability to take on an entire quality system from the lab to the customer, savings rapidly added into millions of $ per year.

3. More productive

We were able to increase their productivity by 300%.

4. Scalable

When times are good, Phoenix added more resources. When the economy dipped, Phoenix temporarily removed resources from their value chain to save money.

5. Allowed greater focus

By allowing The Phoenix Team to staff and operate their labs, they were able to better focus on their core business and customers.


Let's let the numbers speak for themselves.

In total, there were 163 outsourced employees.

$73,700 annually per Phoenix resource vs $100,000 annually per in-cost employee.

$26,300 savings per positions x 163 positions =
$4.3 million in payroll savings alone.

Case Study Details




  • Staff and oversee lab operations for major steel manufacturer
  • Operated the customer test lab with fewer resources and lower personnel costs
  • Phoenix resources exceeded performance goals
  • Developed positive customer relationships
  • Responded to issues and concerns in real-time