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Advanced Materials Joining


Menachem Kimchi Joined TPG as a welding/joining engineering consultant in 2013, he is also an associate professor in the Welding Engineering program at The Ohio State University. Previously, for 27 years, M. Kimchi was a principal research engineer, technology leader, and business development manager for EWI, and has published over 100 technical papers in area of Resistance and Solid State Welding processes of advanced materials, and published the book “Resistance Spot Welding Fundamentals and Applications for the Automotive Industry”


  • B.S. Chemical Engineering, Israel Institute of Technology
  • B.S. Welding Engineering, The Ohio State University
  • M.S. Welding Engineering, The Ohio State University


  • Technical specialist with more than 30 years of experience in welding and joining in the automotive and light manufacturing industries. Specializing in consulting, engineering problem solving, quality management and work force training.
  • Initiated and managed development projects in areas of Resistance Spot Welding, Resistance Seam, and Projection Welding, specializing in resistance welding high-strength steels and aluminum alloys. Other major areas of technical expertise include weldability of steels with metallic and nonmetallic coatings and electrode materials.
  • Responsibilities included establishing advance knowledge in areas such as High-Frequency/ERW welding and the recently developed magnetic pulse and deformation resistance welding technologies. Considered as an industry expert in tube and pipe production as it relates to the high-frequency welding process.
  • As a technical specialist and business development manager, was responsible for the consumer and industrial product and automotive markets managing customer relationships with the major OEMs and Tier one suppliers.


  • Specialist in automotive materials and welding processes
  • Technical specialist in Resistance Welding processes
  • Technical specialist in Solid State Welding processes
  • Monitoring and control of welding processes
  • Automotive welding specifications and testing
  • Failure analysis of welded joints
  • Manufacturing process development and modification
  • Technical specialist in tube and pipe production
  • Work force training - welding


  • Provided certification when performed teaching and industry training for AWS, SME, OSU and other organizations.